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Programs & Resources

Here is a non-exhaustive list of programs and resources against violence towards women.

Fergusson Fondation 

The Fergusson Foundation is committed to acting as a catalyst in the prevention and elimination of family violence. To achieve this, it ensures better awareness and understanding of this complex subject by various means: stimulating frank dialogue, funding research inherent in the forms and causes of family violence, promoting educational programs and supporting organizations that help people affected by violence and abuse.

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L'Accueil Sainte-Famille 

L'Accueil Sainte-Famille offers an internal and external support service, comforting and safe housing for women victims of domestic and family violence, as well as a short-term shelter for women and children suddenly homeless. Located in Tracadie-Sheila 

Women's Equality Branch – Violence Prevention 

The Violence Prevention and Community Partnerships Unit has implemented a government plan to combat violence against women and Aboriginal women, which includes grant programs and measures to help community partners provide services.

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Support services for women victims of violence

Support services directories for women victims of violence.

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Campaign - Love Shouldn't Hurt

As part of the New Brunswick Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy, the campaign Love Shouldn't Hurt, was launched to educate and inform New Brunswickers about intimate partner violence (IPV) and how we can all help end this serious problem.

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